Black Winter Truffle Flavor

A culinary delight in a vodka. Made with the black diamond of the truffle world, Tuber Melanosporum. A versatile vodka that you can enjoy in a cocktail and cook with at the same time. The ultimate vodka for the ultimate vodka martini.

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Duckworth Distillery

Hand-Crafted Spirits Ÿ              Small Batch               Artisanal                Made in Texas

French Oak Barrel Flavor

This vodka is the kind you would like to sip straight or on the rocks. Made from our regular vodka partially stored in French oak barrels. A slight wood favor with just a kiss of vanilla. It makes a smooth and interesting vodka martini. 

The Original 100% Pure Cane Texas Vodka™

Texas Sipping Vodka

Medal winner at both the 2015 Craft Competition International Awards in Los Angeles and the 2015 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Hand-made from only the finest ingredients. This vodka is ultra smooth.